The Minimo has an innovative design, offering ease of transport, comfort and safety, in a foldable lightweight mobility scooter.

It is an excellent choice if you're looking for a compact scooter that can fit into a small space. The compact and lightweight design means that it can be stored away easily and transported between locations. Its straightforward mechanism can be activated using only one hand and will fold within seconds.

Folds in a single simple movement, effortlessly activated by one hand.

The twin wheels at the front provide fantastic manoeuvrability, boasting a stunning 32" turning radius. For added stability, the anti-tip wheels will provide peace of mind when driving on uneven ground.

Whether you want to use the Minimo for a quick trip to the shops or a longer day out with friends or family, it only requires a remarkably small amount of storage space when folded down.

If you have limited space in your car boot or at home, then the Minimo will provide strain-free lifting with excellent performance.

Minimo portable/folding mobility scooter


The Minimo is a compact & lightweight, comfortable, folding mobility scooter, that requires minimum effort and can be stored away in seconds.

Length 36 inches (930 mm)
Width 19 inches (485 mm)
Weight (including li-Ion battery) 58.8lbs (6.4km/h)
Speed 4 mph (6.4km/h)
Turning radius 32 inches (820 mm)
Approx. range 12 miles (20km)
Max. carry capacity 18 stone (115kg)
Max. gradient 10%
Ground clearance 2.3 inches (60mm)