The Smarti mobility scooter from Monarch is an automatically folding compact scooter. There'll be no bending to unfasten clips or pull levers, as it comes equipped with an excellent “remote control" to activate the folding mechanism. Simply give the button a press, and watch the Smarti unfold in front of your eyes.

It has a compact design which makes getting the scooter in-and-out of the car easier than many scooters on the market. As standard, the Smarti comes equipped with a comfortable padded seat, height adjustable telescopic tiller and robust armrests.

Powerful Lithium batteries give an excellent range of up to 10 miles.

An adjustable speed dial means that you can effortlessly control your speed to match someone's walking pace - simply drive along at a speed that's comfortable for you!

The lightweight lithium-ion battery can provide a travel distance of up to 10 miles when fully charged.

Smarti auto-folding mobility scooter


The Smarti is a compact & lightweight, automatically folding mobility scooter.

Max. battery range 10 miles
Type of batteries Lithium-ion
Number of wheels 4
Type of tyres Solid
Max. speed 4 mph
Max. user weight 136kg
Total weight excluding battery 22.8kg

Available in two colours: red and blue. Which is your favourite colour Smarti?