SupaScoota Sport

The Sport is for the adventurer who enjoys spending time outside. This scooter has excellent performance in all weather conditions and many different terrains.

The purpose of the SupaScoota Sport is to make long distance travel enjoyable again. It is equipped with a dual motor drive which helps when using the scooter on inclines and on different terrains.

SupaScoota Sport HD

SupaScoota Sport

Dual motor drive, powerful performance and total reliability.

  • Folds and locks for transport in under 10 seconds
  • Up to 11 miles travel distance (lithium battery)
  • Slope gradient up to 9 degrees
  • Speed Reduction System: reduces operating speed to a safe level when turning
  • Battery easily removed for charging
  • 2 battery options available: SLA 24V 15ah 9.2kg (20lbs) / Lithium 24V 15ah 4kg (9lbs)
SupaScoota Sport on muddy country path
Wheel size (front) 200 x 65mm
Wheel size (rear) 260 x 85mm
Ground clearance 45mm
Weight (without battery) 33.5kg (74lbs)
Weight of seat 8.6kg (19lbs including frame & armrest)
Max user weight 17 stone
Turn radius 940mm
Motor output 2 x 150 Watt
Transmission Worm drive gearbox
Reverse Forward/reverse switch
Brakes Dynamic braking and electromagnetic brake
Battery (SLA) 24V - 15 ah (9.2kg / 20lbs)
Lithium battery 24V / 15ah (4kg / 9lbs)
2 speed settings 2.4mph / 4mph
Slope grade ability Max. recommended 9 degrees (80kg test)
Travel distance 14km (8.5 miles) with standard SLA, or 18km (11 miles) with 15ah lithium battery
Close-up of SupaScoota Sport battery Close-up of SupaScoota Sport controls